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St. Michael Archangel Pendant is a unique amulet works for protection

St. Benedict Holy Amulet is unique and will choose its owner.

Each pendant was carved carefully by priest and consecrated through a ritual with holy water.

St. Michael Archangel Pendant

The oval shaped pendant is carved with St. Michael's figure and represent St. Michael's shield, and there is a tiny sword used by St. Michael to slay evils. St. Michael the archangel, is the leader of angels and an army of the God. He was believed to protect people against evil.

St. Michael helps to cast evil away from seeking the ruin of souls. The pendant symbolizes:

Defense, Protection, Safety, Firmness, Nobility

The Saint Benedict Pendant

With the positive energy and fortune of Saint Benedict Holy Amulet, people can walk out of the darkness.

The pendant represents a strong affinity with the wearer, and it also has a unique balance, moderation and rational spirit. Those who wear it will have a chance of luck, embarkment on the road of wealth and avoiding suffering.

The Saint Benedict Holy Amulet gives people who encounter difficulties the courage and the strength to move forward. With the positive energy and fortune of Saint Benedict Holy Amulet, people can walk out of the darkness.

The Sword and the Stick

Legend has it that the Archangel Michael, in order to drive the Devil back into hell, drew a deadly slash with his sword, marking the land from Ireland to Palestine; along this straight line arose, from the earliest centuries of Christianity, a series of shrines dedicated to the worship of St. Michael!

Michael's sword represents that sharp and peculiar essence capable of separating and triumphing Good over Evil, and by his example as God's faithful servant, he points man, created a freedman, to the right path of salvation.

"Fight every spirit of ruin in our families, in our minds and in our hearts."

In the life of Saint Benedict, it is said that he helped a monk to get back on the straight and narrow. The monk, instead of praying, was distracted with other occupations because he was subjugated by the devil.

Thus, St. Benedict exorcised the monk by repeatedly hitting him on the head with a slender stick, freeing him from the presence of the devil who left in haste.

We at BeCoolPro™ wanted to replicate the Sword of St. Michael and the Stick of St. Benedict to defeat evil, ward off the devil from your life and improve luck for the wearer.

In fact, ONLY FROM US, you can find along with the pendant, the original sword and stick that will sustain you in life and ward off negativity around you.

The back of the amulets

Behind St. Michael's amulet you will find the inscription, "Be Strong in The Lord, For His Power Is Mighty." This means to put on the full armor of God so that we can counter the devil's plans.

Behind St. Benedict Amulet is engraved with 8 characters on the back, respectively symbolising peace and light. The snake will never guide you the wrong way. Bringing the owner courage, wealth, emotion, and strength.

Properties Of Saint Michael and Saint Benedict Holy Amulet

√ Transfers the powerful monetary energy to its owner
√ Preserves existing capital
√ Gives luck and well-being to the family.

As more time passes, the amulets gains more and more power and strength. Unfortunately, in the modern world, the attitude towards this type of power has been lost and only recently has it regained mainstream attention.

The amulets hasn’t lost its strength and, to make it works, you only need to believe that it can work for you, have faith in it, then it will assist you.

Real Energy Assistance

The amulets might not immediately start working, sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks, even up to several months, before you will begin taking in new luck and opportunities.

You need always carry it with you to have the power necessary for the pendant to achieve its purpose. Luck will come from everywhere. You can quickly move up your career ladder, win lotteries, or a long forgotten debt will be repaid to you. 

This is your own amulet so do not give it to strangers. You have nothing to lose, except all of your bad energy, bad luck and misfortunes. Let it bring you success and prosperity. Good luck! 

We Have Listened To Your Advice 

We have improved our Necklaces using hypoallergenic and resistant materials. All this WITHOUT INCREASING THE PRICE! The stainless steel material makes it impossible to lose colour on the neck.

The chain is 25.5" (65 CM) long with the possibility of extending it further by 2'' (5 CM) thanks to the extender that you can see in the picture.


Our personalized package of Saint Michael and Saint Benedict makes it unique and ideal to give as a present to the people you care about most.

Each necklace is sold with this beautiful and elegant package.

Where in it, you can keep the amulet when not in use and always carry it with you, even when travelling!


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Conrad Isaac

Beautiful Lovering the details and the discriotion if the said item

Raquel Runte

Was bigger than I thought. I bought it to hang on my neck but it is very big it is of excellent quality. I recommend it if you want this big medal.

Ayana Steuber

Very beautiful medal as it is taught in the photo arrived before the scheduled date thank you

Oliver Ziemann

Good product, even if I thought the charm was a little bigger, did not specify the size

Marjolaine VonRueden

It's like the image, but the quality is just normal, the details are good enough, you can see in the photos I took. Anyway, I recommend this because of the price.